Copyright Guidelines

The Walters Art Museum believes that information extends the reach of the museum and its collections. We choose to facilitate access and usability by sharing as much as we can, as often as we can.


Our authors have graciously agreed to share their research and scholarship using the CC BY 3.0 US license.

Images of Walters Objects

Whenever possible, the Walters releases any institutional, photographic copyright for objects that are believed to be in the public domain using the CC0 license. Exceptions to this CC0 license may apply to works of art that are under the Walters’ temporary jurisdiction, such as loaned works, and works that are not in the public domain, due to age. Please explore our collections and refer to our terms of use as needed.

External Images

Images herein have been generously shared by other institutions or individuals for inclusion in these volumes. Please read online, share essays and notes and print freely. For image reproduction permission, separate from this volume, please contact institution or individual credited in caption.


Every effort has been made to properly credit photographers and sources of all illustrations in these volumes. If you are aware of any omissions, please contact [email protected] so that corrections can be made promptly.

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